I tried Bella Vita Luxury Hot Mess perfume for women, and here’s what I think.

I’ve been a fragrance fanatic all my life (I’m a young girl), but still, I love perfumes. I have tried many Bella Vita Luxury perfumes, from their CEO woman to Rose, and Rose is my favorite.

Bella Vita luxury perfumes are reasonable yet feel luxurious. They last forever! I tried them and could still smell the fragrance the next day. In this article, I’m sharing my unbiased review of “Bella Vita Luxury Hot Mess Perfume for Women”, and here’s what I genuinely feel.


Messy, Crazy, but always Hot!! Bella Vita Luxury Hot Mess perfume is for all girls who get all the attention without even trying. They are chaotic, crazy, sexy and smell great. This perfume is amazing. It is long-lasting and perfect for your date night.

The perfume retails for ₹1099

Perfume Notes Description:

Top notes: Mandarin and Passion fruit

Heart notes: Rose and Jasmine

Base notes: Vanilla and Musk

“Bella Vita Hot Mess Perfume is a full-fledged women-centric perfume. Feminine energy is associated with this perfume. It is a perfect blend of citrus, floral, and woody notes. The vanilla note underneath gives this perfume a sweet aroma which feels luscious.” The notes are subtle, not overpowering, but smells amazing. You will get a compliment after you use this perfume”.

Packaging and Presentation:

The long, neon pink, sleek bottle gives an expensive touch to this perfume. The glass bottle comes in 100 ml quantity and provides an energetic vibe. The packaging is durable and comes with a magnificent case of itself.


Bella Vita Hot Mess Perfume is long-lasting. You could easily smell this perfume the next day. When you apply this perfume, the top notes of Mandarin fill you with energy, then the floral notes of rose and Jasmine sink in, which relaxes you and then the base notes of vanilla kick in, which boosts your confidence.


Bella Vita Hot Mess Perfume is the most appropriate for functions and dates. It is a night perfume as the notes are sensuous and attention-seeking. This perfume can be worn both in winter and summer. It is a holy grail night perfume.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Long-lasting, Premium Scent, Perfect for a date night

Cons: It can be a too feminine smell for some

My final words:

Bella Vita Hot Mess Perfume for women is a great perfume. It has a unique and premium scent lasting more than 6 hours. My rating would be 9/10. This perfume has great packaging and can be an incredible gift option for girlfriends. If you are into woody and floral scents, then grab it now!!!!

Bella Vita perfumes are available on Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, and their website.

It is a great deal. Grab it!!!

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