I tried Benefit cheek and lip tint, and here are my honest views.

Let your cheeks and lips be rosy with the great Benetint cheek and lip tint.

Benefit cheek and lip tint are cult favorites; now I know why. As a Blush girl, I always find it fascinating to purchase the cheek and lip tints to have a rose-flushed look every time. The main issue that I faced with many cream-based lip and cheek tints is that they are sticky and don’t glide easily on your skin, and the flushed look is something that I struggled to achieve.

For me, a cheek and lip tint means achieving a natural flushed look that looks like the blood is flowing amazingly on the face and is giving a natural flush.

That’s why I came across Benefit cheek and lip tint!

My honest views about Benetint cheek and lip tint $24

I tried the Benetint cheek and lip tint, which is rose-tinted out of the 6 shades. This cheek and lip tint is liquid-based, gliding smoothly and giving a rose-tinted flush on the face. My cheeks feel like the blood is running as it feels naturally red. Now, I know why celebrities love this product. Get ready to be Pout pretty with this product. This lip tint has an amazing smell that feels like a dozen roses next to you.

Benetint cheek and lip tint are smudge-proof, so you need not worry that they will fade out. It is long-lasting and stays intact, and the best part about the product is its natural finish; it looks so pretty. It is sheer and buildable, and people will undoubtedly compliment you.

The pros of Benetint cheek and lip tint:

  • Liquid-based
  • Smells amazing
  • Glides smoothly
  • Long wear
  • Rose-tinted
  • Natural Finish
  • Smudge-proof
  • It can be worn under makeup

How to apply:

Glide onto lips as per the intensity you want, and for a prettier look, layer this lip tint with your lip gloss, and you’re done.

As per your cheeks, I suggest 3 dots on the cheeks and then blend accordingly. See the magic! A natural-rosy flushed lips and cheeks within a moment. It’s better to finish the look with a rose highlighter or any shimmer for an enhanced look.

Packaging and Presentation:

Comes in a 6.0 ml glass bottle with an applicator, which is convenient to apply and reapply.

The Shade range:

Benefit Cheek and lip tint comes in six different shade ranges, which are as follows-

Chacha tint:

A mango-tinted cheek and lip tint which gives a natural coral hue to your cheeks and lips.


A passionate, fiery red cheek and lip tint that makes you kiss ready in a moment.


A soft red cheek and lip tint for a gentle girl look.


Playful, subtle, intensified pink cheek and lip tint.


Bright cherry-tinted cheek and lip stain.

Tips & Tricks:

If you’re a Blush gal, achieving a rosy look is essential.

Use this tint on your cheeks, lips, nose, above eyes, and chin for a winter rose-kissed look. This sounds too much, but the color intensity is in your hands. The finish is just amazing. You must try achieving this subtle rose-tinted look to look cute and pretty.

My final words:

Benetint cheek and lip tints are among the most beautiful hues I have ever encountered. I’m excited to try all the available shades. For a strawberry-finished look, this tint works wonders. A Blush gal should have this tint in her vanity to complete her look.

Happy blushing!!

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