Rare Beauty Under Eye Brightener- A review

It is a quick way to brighten your under eyes.

“Rare Beauty Under eye brightener was created because I needed a quick and easy way to brighten my under eyes and look refreshed, especially on no makeup days.”

By Selena Gomez


Rare Beauty Under eye brightener is a super lightweight liquid that instantly hydrates, moisturizes, and awakens the under eyes with sheer to medium coverage for a fresh look within a moment.

This under-eye brightener is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and leaves a refreshed look.

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Rare Beauty under eye brightener ingredients and packaging:

This under-eye brightener is formulated with lotus, gardenias, and white water lily, which all together soothe and hydrate the skin and protect it against environmental stressors while brightening it with loads of antioxidants.

Regarding its packaging, the chic glass bottle with the custom remarkable tip metal applicator is easy to use and instantly soothes your under eyes.

The texture and application of Rare beauty under eye brightener:

The ultra-fluid texture is pretty easy to blend and gives a seamless finish. You can easily blend it with your fingertip. Once set, it lasts without caking or creasing. It has a pretty excellent longevity.

The best part about this product is that the skin feels hydrated and soft after applying it, which is a great plus.

The rare beauty under-eye brightener can be directly used on bare skin or layered over concealer. All you need to do is gently take 2 to 3 dots and glide the metal applicator to soothe the skin. And you’re done; your under eyes are refreshed.

If we talk about the brightening effect of this concealer, a natural and subtle highlight is achieved with this under-eye concealer. It can also be used on your cheekbones to have a lifted look or on your nose to highlight the area.


The rare beauty under eye brightener provides sheer, buildable coverage with an instant glow and natural-looking finish. The moment I applied it, I could see an instant glow to my under eyes, which lasted a decent amount of time. The dark circles were reduced when I applied it; all you had was a refreshed look.

The shade range:

The Rare Beauty Under eye brightener is an inclusive product that comes in 6 different shades that suit a variety of skin tones from light to profound. It is a well-inclusive product for everyone. It retails for $24.

My final words:

Rare Beauty Under Eye Brightener is an impressive product that instantly reduces dark circles without creasing and leaves a natural finish. Comes in six different shades and suits every skin type. Instantly soothes the skin and also fades discoloration. It is a beautiful product with a metal tip applicator that easily glides on the skin.

Rare Beauty is one of my favorite cosmetic brands, and it always impresses me.

Happy brightening! 

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