What are the most popular Mac lipsticks? 

MAC Cosmetics, short for Makeup Art Cosmetics, is a renowned cosmetics brand known for its wide range of high-quality makeup products. From millennials to Gen Z, everybody loves their products. It is still a dream for people to own MAC makeup, especially their lipsticks. Mac lipsticks are known for their high-quality formulas that often combine rich pigmentation with smooth application. 

As a MAC fan, I’ve come up with a list of the 5 most popular MAC lipsticks to give you insight into your dream lipstick shades. 

In this article, you will find the 5 most popular MAC lipsticks with every detail so you can pick what you should own next. 

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The most popular MAC lipsticks: 

Ruby Woo:

The iconic product that made MAC cosmetics. An Ultimate matte Mac lipstick that gives a nice color payoff. 

Finish: Retro Matte

Description: Ruby Woo is an iconic, retro Mac matte lipstick with a vibrant and classic red color. The blue undertones in this shade make it flattering and evergreen. Its intense pigmentation provides a bold and dramatic look, making it a favorite choice for special occasions and a must in many makeup fanatics’ vanity. 

Longevity: Long-lasting, fade proof 

Why you should wear it: The best red shade is transfer-proof, and the formula is non-drying. This cult classic matte lipstick is a must. Since it’s a matte lipstick, it can dry for some if worn for an extended period, so a proper lip care routine can enhance comfort. 

Velvet Teddy:

Another iconic MAC lipstick is the most popular one. Highly pigmented lipstick with a deep beige tone. 

Finish: Matte 

Description: Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick with a deep-toned beige hue. This warm lip shade compliments many skin tones and provides a great matte finish. Its sophisticated and muted appearance makes it a popular choice for everyday wear and more polished, professional looks.

Longevity: Long-lasting lip shade 

Why should you wear it: It is a great choice for creating an everyday non-makeup look. It is non-drying and stays for a long time, and if paired with a lip liner, you will get a lot of compliments. 


A cult-classic Mauve pink shade that complements your lips like nothing else. Who doesn’t like pink shades? Mehr is an iconic MAC lipstick. 

Finish: Matte 

Description: Mehr is a mid-tone Mauve lip shade that is versatile and suits almost every skin tone. This lip shade is highly pigmented, easily blendable, and gives a great payoff but is non-transfer proof. But still, it is an amazing shade. It offers a sexy, bold, and confident appearance, making it a popular choice for professional looks. 

Longevity: A long-lasting shade 

Why should you own it: Mehr is a must for your vanity. Create a bold, sexy look with this shade. Mehr gives a confident appearance, and it is a non-miss. 


A seductive and sexy MAC lipstick. Diva is all about enhancing your personality and creating a statement. 

Finish: Matte

Description: Diva is a matte lipstick with a rich and deep burgundy hue. This shade is about making a statement, offering a bold and daring look. Diva is perfect for those who want to add a touch of drama to their makeup, especially during evenings or when aiming for a more sultry appearance.

Longevity: Diva, a matte lipstick, tends to have good staying power. Reapplying is recommended to maintain the vibrancy of the lipstick. 

Why should you own it: Diva is all about making a bold statement wherever you go. So, own it and make a presence. 

Creme Cup:

A soft pink, romantic MAC shade. The Creme Cup is the most elegant of them all. 

Finish: Cremesheen

Description: Creme Cup is a Cremesheen lipstick featuring a light and creamy pink shade. The Cremesheen finish provides a soft and Vibrant texture, making it a great option for a more subtle and romantic look. This lipstick is ideal for everyday wear, offering a hint of color that feels both comfortable and elegant.

Longevity: Creme Cup feels hydrating on the lips and has a great color pay, but being a creme sheen lipstick, it is not as long-lasting as matte ones. So, touch-ups are required to maintain the texture and vibrancy of the lipstick. 

Why should you own it: Holding the creme Cup shade is so important in the soft girl Pinterest era. It is hydrating and gives a pale pink color, which feels natural. 

A tip: To enhance the longevity of any lipstick, it’s beneficial to apply it to well-prepped lips, exfoliate regularly, and consider using a lip liner for added definition and staying power. Additionally, carrying the lipstick for touch-ups ensures a fresh and polished look throughout the day.

My final words: 

MAC offers an extensive and diverse range of lipstick shades, allowing individuals to find colors that suit their preferences and skin tones. The iconic shades Ruby Woo, Mehr, Velvet Teddy, Diva, and Creme Cup have universal appeal; that’s why everyone owns the most popular MAC lipsticks. The lipsticks are created with high-quality Formulas that promote smooth application. All in all, these 5 lipsticks are a must for your vanity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Mac lipstick is best for Indian skin?

I think one can find many lip shades for Indian skin. Ruby Woo, Mehr, Whirl, mocha, and Diva best suit Indian skin tones. 

Why is Mac Ruby Woo so popular? 

Mac Ruby Woo boasts a vibrant red color, which gives a bold and dramatic look. Many celebrities own this lipstick because of its great color payoff and lasting power. 

Why is Mac lipstick so expensive? 

High-quality formulation usage of great cosmetic components makes MAC lipstick expensive. However, MAC is an iconic brand that still holds the top position in the beauty world. That describes the worth of their products. 

Which color of lipstick is most attractive? 

Every lipstick shade is attractive, from red, burgundy, and Mauve tones to subtle and soft peach tones. It all depends on your skin tone and how you create a look. If you choose a lip shade per your tone, it is the most attractive lipstick. 

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